2012 Activities

Forest Inventory Analysis Science Symposium
December 4 - 6, 2012: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Sistema Nacional de Manejo Sustentable de Gases de Efecto Invernadero, EPA/ALU/SilvaCarbon Workshop
September 24 - 27, 2012: Bogota, Columbia
Remote Sensing Workshop
July 30 - August 17, 2012: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA / Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Invitational only for participants from SE Asia
Integration of Remote Sensing Data, Forest Inventory Data and Carbon Models
August 2012: San Jose, Costa Rica
Forest Degradation
June 2012: Quito, Ecuador
Use and Processing of Radar Imagery for Forest Monitoring
March 2012: Bogota, Colombia
GEOSS Asis-Pacific Symposium
April 2012: Tokyo, Japan
3rd GEO-FCT Science and Data Summit
February 2012: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania