2024 Activities

Forest Carbon Measurement and Monitoring Research, Tools and Methods Workshop
January 22 - 24, 2024: Weber State University, Ogden, Utah

The SilvaCarbon Program supports a series of universities to implement emerging tools and methods for measuring and monitoring forest carbon in selected SilvaCarbon countries. These techniques and methods cover an array of critical issues in forest carbon monitoring, including detecting forest degradation - a key challenge for many countries - using remote sensing applications, ground monitoring applications, and a combination of data sources. This meeting aimed to seek updates on the current research development, including new cutting-edge research. The meeting intended to foster learning and collaboration through presentations and focused discussions. This meeting aimed to identify priorities for potential future research and develop an action plan to improve the deployment of capacity building to SilvaCarbon countries.

During this meeting, academics and SilvaCarbon partners presented their work status with governments and the desired outcomes. Finally, on the last day of the meeting, we explored existing capacity-building material from Google, FAO, SilvaCarbon, and World Bank and their potential to improve NFMS in tropical countries.